No Bake Protein Packed Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

I know I am not the only one out there who has a sweet tooth. Even with as healthy as I try to be I am human and give in to cravings here and there…. and lets be honest most “healthy” cookies taste “healthy” meaning…. like they came from a forest or are hard as a rock, I could go on….

I love cookies, not ashamed to admit it, and everyone who knows me I have an obsession with peanut butter. So combining the two and knowing it’s truly not bad for me definitely keeps my attention (which can be hard to do)…

So wanted to share ๐Ÿ™‚

What you need:

1 serving:

Mix peanut butter, water, stevia and salt together. Mix protein powder and flour together then add liquid to dry mixture. Stir until dough like consistency. DONE.

Seriosuly that simple. You can add cacao nibs or dark chocolate to it if you wish. You could do this with other flavors/brands I am sure as well but the consistency of the PB quest protein powder makes it super easy.

Macros/Nutrition Info:

Calories – 170, Protein – 25.5 g, Carbs – 5.5g, Fat- 5.5g and only 1.8g sugar!

Yes those calories may be high but they are GOOD calories…. meaning your body will use them right. Know the difference ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get your spoon out and you can thank me later ๐Ÿ˜‰


And if you need ANY help, or have questions please do NOT hesitate to contact me! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lazy Girls Guide to Food Prep

I dont like the word lazyโ€ฆ. but I have to admit when it comes to cooking I am NO Betty Crocker, or Martha Stewart for that matter. I mean we all have our strengths and weaknesses….. right?

I do however know how important food prep is to staying on track. Being on the go all the time I have to be prepared or I am grabbing whatever I can and no matter how hard we try or think, we never really know what we are getting at restaurants. Days when I have food prepared for most of my meals versus ones when I don’t I am more successful as far as how I eat nutrition wise.

Which leads me to this blog, and why I am sharing some of my secrets with you (you’re welcome). We need natural not artificial loaded foods in our diets everyday. My rule is 80/20. 80% of the time stick to eating natural (scanning the outside of the grocery store aisles) and 20% you can splurge. Luckily more retailers are now jumping on board the health food train, and it is easier than ever to find what our bodies really need to succeed in health from the inside out.

Lazy girl rules:

  • Rule #1 – Stick to the Basics:
    • Protein is always number one on my list when prepping food. Cooking these bad boys in bulk takes the guess work out of the rest of the week as you can make salads, stir frys, wraps, etc. I also buy carton egg whites, yes I know many will argue with this but no cracking involved and can just pour and go!
    •  Complex carbs are the carbs our bodies want. Carbs do NOT need to be your enemy if you eat the right ones and not in extreme excess your body will start to use them properly and you won’t gain a ton of weight but instead you will use them for fuel.
    • Veggies and Fruit. I like fresh of both, but I also like to buy frozen. Frozen fruit I throw in my overnight oats or protein shakes versus using Ice to change it up. When buying Frozen though be sure to pay attention to sodium content and sugars. Sugars tend to sneak in frozen fruit (not natural ones) and sodium is sometime added to veggies so look at those labels! Remember too much of a good thing is not good.
    • Healthy fats- Buy avocados, nuts, nut butters and olive/coconut oil. Add these things (portion controlled) to meals to get the fat YOU NEED!
    • EVERY meal should consist of a lean protein (chicken, fish, ground turkey, lean beef, eggs, protein powder), complex carbs, and a healthy fat!
  • Rule #2 – Go to Target, Trader Joes and Fresh Market (on Tuesdays)
    • Who doesnt like these Target and TJ’s? They both now carry these amazing all natural microwavable options like sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, veggies, and veggie combos with olive oil, etc. Heat those bad boys up in no time and add to your proteins. Carbs and Veggies โ€ฆ Check! (side note though, be sure to look at sodium and sugars AND ingredients, they should JUST list what foods are advertised, nothing else).IMG_6224 
    • Fresh Market on Tuesdays is winning. You can get natural chicken for $2.99/lb and some other meats too depending on the store. That is less than some hormone added wannabe chick (my name for it atleast) is at other grocery stores. I am sorry if you do not have one near you…. but research somewhere similar. Seriously. 
  • Rule #3 – Buy a crock potโ€ฆ. and liners
    • My crock pot is one of my best friends (true story don’t judge). I throw a liner in it, throw chicken and onions or chicken and salsa, or ground turkey and either of the two, some spices and go about my day. Later on I portion it all out, throw out the liner, and protein prep done!
  • Rule #4- Overnight Oats and Protein shakes
    • I dont care who you are, you need to eat breakfast. Overnight oats are the easiest and yummiest thing ANYONE can make. Take your portion of oats (probably 1/3- 1/2 cup) add water or almond milk, fruit or whatever your heart desires. Then put it in a air tight container (or just finished PB jar) in the fridge the night before. Wake up and eat the next morning! Add a protein shake to it or just throw some protein in it the night before (because you do need protein in the am, and lets be real most of us don’t have time to make eggs).


  • Rule #5- Buy a  SCALE. (and BPA Free Tubberware)
    • So we have shopped, cooked/ microwaved now we have to measure this stuff out! Portion control is a MUST.
    • We all have different needs so ladies if you are making you and your mans meals for the week you both do NOT need the same portion sizes. Guys need more, they have more muscle and testosterone meaning their metabolism is naturally faster (I am jealous too). Figure out your portions then divide these meals into BPA free containers and put in the fridge for the week and you have NO EXCUSES!

Y’all this really should only take about an hour if that (minus the crock pot and shopping time). There is no excuse we cant all do this! If you suffer from prep laziness like me I hope this helps! Let me know, and as always check out my training and nutrition help options if needed! ๐Ÿ™‚




Do you know what is in your energy drink or mix?

Lets face it, most of us are on the go reaching for something to help “pick us up” so to speak so we don’t fall short of our to do lists.

Many of us go for coffee, others grab energy drinks, etc. Do you really know what is in those energy drinks or how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee, or that big cup of coffee from the coffee shop? Most of us don’t. I know personally if I have too much coffee or anything really a few hours later I am exhausted…. why? Because I crash! Even my beloved coffee causes this (and makes me irritable sometimes).

This is why I am so happy I have ID Life Energy in my life now. I am not kidding that it really helps me cut back on coffee. I have even managed to go through a few week long periods without it completely. Best part is I really and truly NEVER crash from it.

It has a tri phasic approach so it gives immediate energy, midterm, and long term. It doesn’t make me jittery by any means AND the best part is it does NOT have any of the artificial junk many mixes and pre made drinks have. So it not only helps me get through my day but ALSO fuels my body right. Cost effective too :).

We offer 30 day money back guarantees on ALL products so try risk free today!

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Candice ๐Ÿ™‚

Nutritional Deficiencies

More than likely you can find one or more things on this chart that applies to you. Its crazy how being deficient in just one nutrient can cause such problems. Certain climates and lifestyles can also cause us to be even more deficient. This is why customized nutrition is the KEY to the future. ID Nutrition is the ONLY product like it on the market.


Of course you can look here and go buy what you think you may need, but

1. Do you even know if what you are buying is the real deal? Did you know many are filled with sawdust? Yum…. :/ Recent studies showed MANY top retailers were selling Vitamins that were either mostly if not all fillers!

2. Are you getting the right amount of said nutrient for YOU?

3. Did you know the medication you are on could possibly depleteย or cause your body to not absorb certain nutrients?

ย 4. Are you taking your supplements at the right time of day? (Chronobiology…. i.e. if you take fish oil in the am its just getting passed right through ya! )

5. Does your diet or certain foods you eat interfere with your nutrient uptake? Or can they actually cause you harm??

Do you know the answers? Probably not, I know I definitely did not and still don’t, but ID Nutrition’s FREE assessment does. It accounts for ALL of this AND more. It is more effective in discovering your health than a blood test/panel because it isn’t just a snap shot at a given time, this looks at EVERYTHING. ย The best part is you can take your results to your doctor too!

Take the guess work out of it AND save money! ID Nutrition is a proven medical /science backed approach with over 17 years of research. The assessment ensures you are getting everything YOU need, and ensures you do NOT need to buy any other supplements. Save money!

Take the assessment and see for yourself, or just go buy everything it recommends and spend hundreds of dollars. …. Just being real! This product is the future. Get on it and see the results. ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course let me know if you have ANY questions!!

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Peanut butter jar overnight oat amazingness

I have gotten multiple questions about a post I made on Instagram last week about my peanut butter jar overnight oats. So here ya go!
If you have not discovered the amazingness of overnight oats you are really missing oat. They are so simple, make mornings easier AND so good! I live off oats in the morning and have for a long time you can make them however you want and well depending on how you make them ha, they are healthy!

So what are overnight oats?

All you do is take you oats, add some water or almond milk, sweetener like stevia, agave, honey, etc. Then add fruit, peanut butter, protein powder or really anything you want! You can either cook them slightly or just mix them up and store as is depending on how you like them, place them in a sealed tight container and put them in the fridge overnight, wake up in the morning and viola!

I normally make mine as follows:

1/3 cup quick oats (I like the texture better, I am weird like that with textures)

A few strawberries

1 tablespoon peanut butter

A few drops of vanilla stevia

I always cook mine, and then put in a container. The next mornings I always top with protein powder that I have mixed with water (like a pudding consistency).

Now PB jar overnight oats are made the same way I just put them in an empty PB jar (that I just finished so it still has a little PB in it) and place in the refrigerator overnight. That PB gets soaked in and just makes it that much better!

TRY it I promise you will not regret it ;). Let me know what you thinK!!