What the heck is “skinny fat”?

Well I will start off by saying that I use to be a poster child for it. If you have never read my blog about my struggles…      Coming Clean….. Eating Disorders and Food…. From me   do so. I used to count calories like no other, but it did NOT matter what they were. Oh and I did cardio, ALOT of time on the elliptical. I was unhealthy, looked gross, and was 100% skinny fat…..

Unfortunately a lot of people are skinny fat. Just because someone looks thin on the outside does NOT mean they are healthy. They can carry just as much if not more visceral fat than those who are obese. Visceral fat is the most dangerous to have as it accumulates around organs such as the pancreas, heart and liver and then can begin to release hormones and other secretions into the bloodstream that can lead to disease.

Recent studies have concluded that,”Older adults with normal BMIs (well-known to be an imperfect measurement) but high levels of body fat are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and death than previously realized, according to a 2013 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology. More recently, a 2014 report on people with “normal weight obesity”—normal BMI, high body fat—found that they have a significantly higher risk of metabolic problems and death from these diseases than any other group.” Time Magazine

If someone who is naturally thin is not utilizing resistance training into a workout routine, if they are just doing cardio and not watching what they eat, they are definitely a target of making skinny fat a reality.

So how can this be reversed? Or prevented? Add resistance to build lean muscle, women you will NOT get bulky by touching a weight. Work with someone to discover how you should eat, how you should train, etc. Feeding your body right will not only help your metabolism and body start working properly but it will help tone and rebuild those muscles you are breaking down during training. Which in turn will give you a more toned look! Winning 🙂

Bottom line is, take care of yourself. Don’t assume just because you are skinny that you are healthy. Watch what you eat, even if you can put away a pizza late at night and feel like you don’t gain a pound, it is NOT a smart idea to do…..

Lets make the best choices possible here on out 🙂 – C



Why BMI sucks….. in my opinion…

Have you ever personally been told you are “obese” when you know you are in fact healthy? Or maybe you know someone who has? Do you really know what BMI is? How about why it seems to be (thank you sweet baby Jesus) getting moved out the door as a factor in measuring health?

First off BMI (Body Mass Index) measures your body fat based on ONLY height verse weight…. So basically it is saying whether or not your 5’2 self (an example) is holding 30 lbs of muscle or 30 lbs of fat you are both equal on the BMI scale…. Can you see why this is inaccurate?!?

Look at body builders, many times they are shorter and have TONS of muscle but if you were to calculate their BMI they would 110% be considered obese! It drives me crazy!

I have worked with multiple people who are in GREAT shape but according to their BMI it would appear they are obese…

Going back to one of my favorite discussions I have with clients…. the SCALE DOESNT MATTER!!

Being “obese or overweight” has nothing to do with a number on the scale. More so, it has to do with how much actual fat you have, and the type of fat for that matter (visceral is the worst). For example, 30 lbs of muscle is not bad, but 30 lbs of fat carries a totally different array of health risks (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc) .It should also account for things such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and other things along those lines in my opinion.

This can also be applied in the opposite direction, just because someone is in the “healthy” BMI range doesnt mean they are “healthy”. Ever heard of skinny fat? Well it exists, I for one used to be in this category and its not just a term… Some people especially when they are younger have much faster metabolisms so they can eat whatever (unfair at times I know), with that said though they may look thin on the outside but their insides are screaming for help! Skinny people can have high cholesterol, high blood sugar, etc… One of the main reasons I tell my clients to stay off the scale and pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you feel are these exact reasons!

When you work out and strength train, you are going to put on lean muscle. Muscle is much denser than fat, it also BURNS fat so you WANT muscle (ladies I am talking to you).  When you build muscle you are going to burn  that really bad for you visceral fat as well!  Muscle also helps protect bones, and keep your joints healthy, and helps against osteoporosis.

So bottom line, if you are working out, eating right, and feel good then be proud! Do not worry about what your BMI is if you get it measured (and just don’t in my opinion), do not worry about that scale…. Just be happy and proud of the progress and consistency you have! Get your actual body fat and measurements taken as an alternative. If you have access to a bod pod that is one of the best ways to measure it. If not just take good ol’ measurements with measuring tape and do that every few weeks, plug it into a formula (I prefer this one —– here) and keep track that way!

Just stay consistent, stay proud, and know you are worth every little bit of effort you are putting in. No measurement should deter your progress or self esteem!

And as always if you need help with workouts, nutrition, or supplement/ all natural vitamins let me know! Thats what I am here for!!!

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Candice 🙂

What is in your Nutrition?

You might want to check that label!!

New scientific data ( Here  ) points to the fact that many people may suffer from a host of medical conditions and symptoms now linked to a newly-discovered genetic #mutation of the #MTHFR where they are unable to process folic acid and must have a methylated form of folate instead. If they don’t it could be dangerous, and most supplements are not methylated…..

At #IDLife, as soon as our physicians, scientists and formulators at #IDLife* heard this emerging research, they immediately made the decision to switch all our folic acid to methylated folate in our customized, pharmaceutical-grade #IDNutrition* program… SO, again, what’s in YOUR supplements??

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(*DISCLAIMER: IDLife does not claim… and IDNutrition is not intended… to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease)

Lazy Girls Guide to Food Prep

I dont like the word lazy…. but I have to admit when it comes to cooking I am NO Betty Crocker, or Martha Stewart for that matter. I mean we all have our strengths and weaknesses….. right?

I do however know how important food prep is to staying on track. Being on the go all the time I have to be prepared or I am grabbing whatever I can and no matter how hard we try or think, we never really know what we are getting at restaurants. Days when I have food prepared for most of my meals versus ones when I don’t I am more successful as far as how I eat nutrition wise.

Which leads me to this blog, and why I am sharing some of my secrets with you (you’re welcome). We need natural not artificial loaded foods in our diets everyday. My rule is 80/20. 80% of the time stick to eating natural (scanning the outside of the grocery store aisles) and 20% you can splurge. Luckily more retailers are now jumping on board the health food train, and it is easier than ever to find what our bodies really need to succeed in health from the inside out.

Lazy girl rules:

  • Rule #1 – Stick to the Basics:
    • Protein is always number one on my list when prepping food. Cooking these bad boys in bulk takes the guess work out of the rest of the week as you can make salads, stir frys, wraps, etc. I also buy carton egg whites, yes I know many will argue with this but no cracking involved and can just pour and go!
    •  Complex carbs are the carbs our bodies want. Carbs do NOT need to be your enemy if you eat the right ones and not in extreme excess your body will start to use them properly and you won’t gain a ton of weight but instead you will use them for fuel.
    • Veggies and Fruit. I like fresh of both, but I also like to buy frozen. Frozen fruit I throw in my overnight oats or protein shakes versus using Ice to change it up. When buying Frozen though be sure to pay attention to sodium content and sugars. Sugars tend to sneak in frozen fruit (not natural ones) and sodium is sometime added to veggies so look at those labels! Remember too much of a good thing is not good.
    • Healthy fats- Buy avocados, nuts, nut butters and olive/coconut oil. Add these things (portion controlled) to meals to get the fat YOU NEED!
    • EVERY meal should consist of a lean protein (chicken, fish, ground turkey, lean beef, eggs, protein powder), complex carbs, and a healthy fat!
  • Rule #2 – Go to Target, Trader Joes and Fresh Market (on Tuesdays)
    • Who doesnt like these Target and TJ’s? They both now carry these amazing all natural microwavable options like sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, veggies, and veggie combos with olive oil, etc. Heat those bad boys up in no time and add to your proteins. Carbs and Veggies … Check! (side note though, be sure to look at sodium and sugars AND ingredients, they should JUST list what foods are advertised, nothing else).IMG_6224 
    • Fresh Market on Tuesdays is winning. You can get natural chicken for $2.99/lb and some other meats too depending on the store. That is less than some hormone added wannabe chick (my name for it atleast) is at other grocery stores. I am sorry if you do not have one near you…. but research somewhere similar. Seriously. 
  • Rule #3 – Buy a crock pot…. and liners
    • My crock pot is one of my best friends (true story don’t judge). I throw a liner in it, throw chicken and onions or chicken and salsa, or ground turkey and either of the two, some spices and go about my day. Later on I portion it all out, throw out the liner, and protein prep done!
  • Rule #4- Overnight Oats and Protein shakes
    • I dont care who you are, you need to eat breakfast. Overnight oats are the easiest and yummiest thing ANYONE can make. Take your portion of oats (probably 1/3- 1/2 cup) add water or almond milk, fruit or whatever your heart desires. Then put it in a air tight container (or just finished PB jar) in the fridge the night before. Wake up and eat the next morning! Add a protein shake to it or just throw some protein in it the night before (because you do need protein in the am, and lets be real most of us don’t have time to make eggs).


  • Rule #5- Buy a  SCALE. (and BPA Free Tubberware)
    • So we have shopped, cooked/ microwaved now we have to measure this stuff out! Portion control is a MUST.
    • We all have different needs so ladies if you are making you and your mans meals for the week you both do NOT need the same portion sizes. Guys need more, they have more muscle and testosterone meaning their metabolism is naturally faster (I am jealous too). Figure out your portions then divide these meals into BPA free containers and put in the fridge for the week and you have NO EXCUSES!

Y’all this really should only take about an hour if that (minus the crock pot and shopping time). There is no excuse we cant all do this! If you suffer from prep laziness like me I hope this helps! Let me know, and as always check out my training and nutrition help options if needed! 🙂




Do you know what is in your energy drink or mix?

Lets face it, most of us are on the go reaching for something to help “pick us up” so to speak so we don’t fall short of our to do lists.

Many of us go for coffee, others grab energy drinks, etc. Do you really know what is in those energy drinks or how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee, or that big cup of coffee from the coffee shop? Most of us don’t. I know personally if I have too much coffee or anything really a few hours later I am exhausted…. why? Because I crash! Even my beloved coffee causes this (and makes me irritable sometimes).

This is why I am so happy I have ID Life Energy in my life now. I am not kidding that it really helps me cut back on coffee. I have even managed to go through a few week long periods without it completely. Best part is I really and truly NEVER crash from it.

It has a tri phasic approach so it gives immediate energy, midterm, and long term. It doesn’t make me jittery by any means AND the best part is it does NOT have any of the artificial junk many mixes and pre made drinks have. So it not only helps me get through my day but ALSO fuels my body right. Cost effective too :).

We offer 30 day money back guarantees on ALL products so try risk free today!

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Candice 🙂