Food For Thought

We all get sick, we all have some health issues (none of us are perfect hate to break it to ya! ) I mean let’s be real I refer to myself as the unhealthiest healthy person there is! (RA, new digestive issues, Hypothyroidism to name a few) WIth that said, do you pay attention to what you eat and how it correlates to how you feel? No I am not talking about counting calories and macros so to speak but more so the actual FOOD.


Let’s backtrack a little bit, our ancestors how did they eat? They ate stuff that came from the ground, stuff that their bodies were MEANT to eat. Meaning their bodies used the food as fuel. It did not store excess “fake” food it could not use or get confused and cause inflammation and other troubles when processed stuff and additives were ingested.


Think on it —– Our bodies are machines —- nutrition is a MAJOR KEY to fitness, weight loss and HEALTH overall. They use certain foods as fuel, certain things defend infection and actually help prevent inflammation. Processed foods CAN CAUSE infection, inflammation, head aches, digestive issues (inflammation) etc. Granted our bodies HAVE evolved since our ancestors but not so much to make them function properly with fake stuff. I mean were not “fake” right?


Maybe you agree and you are one of those who have changed their diets, their lifestyles yet still have health problems, immune system issues, maybe something as severe as cancer…. There may not be a direct answer as to why, but many studies do lead to our early years, possibly even when we were in the womb. I for one definitely did not grow up eating grilled chicken and veggies and fish and asparagus every night. My childhood makes me honestly think of one thing—– Dairy Queen Blizzards…. They were my absolute favorite thing, and loaded with probably 96% unhealthy stuff! Now I am not saying that Blizzards caused my health issues today or that no one should ever have one. But a more than once a week thing (true story) definitely didn’t help! And that is just a glimpse to my growing up nutrition habits. Back to the point though —–


Sugar and Fatty foods signal our opioid response which stimulates the release of the feel good hormone dopamine. These foods make us feel good (before you crash from the sugar high) just like actual opioid drugs do. That is why you may hear people saying sugar can be and is just as addictive as cocaine. The more you eat of these things, the more your body will naturally crave them which leads to overeating and in turn weight gain. So many of our foods today are loaded with things that will trigger this response, and sadly most food manufacturing companies are well aware and sometimes are behind paying for research that will favor their products to downplay the real problems to consumers. Again these foods (being processed with additives) trigger the wrong things in our bodies leading to inflammation, possible illness, etc!


Pregnancy and Food — Another potential big influencer —- When a pregnant mother eats, the fetus is getting the nutrients from that food to help grow, if they’re eating large amounts of processed foods with additives, possibly taking medications or other human derived substances…. Would it be so out of reach to say that something could not stem from that? Tests have been done to show how not everything is left in the womb, some things are indeed embedded in the fetus for their lifetime. “Mothers who eat a lot of junk food while pregnant in a way set up their child to be possibly addicted to high fat, high sugar diets when they are weaned” University of Adelaide .


Now NO I am not saying go blame your mom, just a few years ago we had NO idea what we do now as far as food and processed food go, the after effects and long term effects certain additives can have. I am writing this to get you aware, if you have a child, if you want to one day, you can do what is best for not only your health but your child’s as well. Now eating a bad meal here and there is not going to necessarily hurt your immune system but start now and try to practice balance. READ NUTRITION LABELS. There are plenty of healthy options now that don’t taste like cardboard. You can get creative with spices, you can order healthier options when out to eat most of the time.


Its your life, your priorities just remember to choose wisely.


If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant and would like help with nutrition, this book is great!      What to Eat When You are Pregnant 

If you would like help with training contact myself or Brady at for Pre and Post Natal Fitness Help!







Getting Real About 2015…

So truth be told I’ve missed doing these things (blogs) ….. so naturally as my schedule starts to fill up with new year fitness craziness I have decided I am going to add atleast a bi weekly post to the mix. Just be busier right? Of course…. lol

So why not go ahead and start now?

As I am writing this it is Tuesday and almost the new year so why not talk about some transformation…. and one involving me personally. I pride myself on being real. Letting you all see that I struggle just like everyone else, that life is filled with ups and downs. This post is no different….

2015 was a pretty good year. As it closes I’m definitely proud of where I’m going. Happy with myself physically and for the most part spiritually. Work is good even though I still feel like I am trying to discover exactly who I am in this whole fitness and health world. I love helping people, love training my clients, love motivating a lot of you I’ve never even met… and love learning more and more every day on how to be better at what I do :). But what does that mean long term? I own my own business and I have been so lucky to been given multiple opportunities to grow within the past year. Always learning and growing is something that I never want to stop, each day being better than yesterday (or aiming to atleast) just like I preach.

I have also learned that one thing I don’t want is to own my own gym or anything of that nature besides my personal training business and ID Life. The whole being tied down thing (meaning one location lol) isn’t me. I’ve learned that this year too. I’m happy being a part of a variety of different things and learning. I mean I pretty much work 4 “jobs” right now all within fitness and health and I love each of them

Of course this year was not perfect, life isn’t perfect and never will be. Along with good there is normally some bad. No matter what though bad situations always bring us to a better place, we grow in tough times. This year was no surprise. One of the bad things this year was when I was pretty much asked to leave one job….. with no real explanation. Even though I cant say I was truly happy there and hadn’t thought of leaving, getting somewhat blindsided when you had never been told you had done anything wrong just plain sucks! It definitely does a number to your self esteem regardless of what the circumstance is. I can honestly say now I am happy it happened though as I have gotten even better opportunities since. So in yo in face place that will rename nameless. Bad —->>> Good :).

This year I also had some minor health stuff go on, a few scares, but luckily all panned out well. I still have some issues with my shoulder but it is minor in comparison to what I know some people endured. Had some family health scares too, but luckily all are well now. Other blah moments were having some people walk away from my life that I never thought would, and some that I am glad now did. Some financial stresses, some faith stresses, and some family stresses….. but reading all of that back these are MINOR as I have had multiple friends lose loved ones, friends have miscarriages, friends themselves or someone in their family get diagnosed with cancer, tumors, have strokes, etc.

So why am I taking the time to write all of this out?
Because as the year ends I think we all need to stop and reflect, think of things that we do have, what we may need to do next year and look at our abilities to do so. Even if we/you are in a bad place right now in some way look at the bigger picture. You know you can work to overcome whatever it may be, as you have overcome plenty in the past. IE—- A TRANSFORMATION OCCURS

For example… with me :

This year my confidence has definitely grown in many ways thanks to some harder times.  To my clients who motivate me just as much as I do them to be better, to my friends and family in the same way. One of the biggest ways though is seeing how this once super shy girl can now get in front of many and turn into a drill sergeant, how I can open up and be real with others. To the most current way at my new role at CYB FitLab getting to work with someone whom I didn’t even know 3 months ago except for him being my friends husband and already learning so much. Seeing how far he has come has given me so much motivation and confidence in myself and hope for 2016 and beyond and where I can go.


I definitely believe my confidence has improved because I have gotten my faith back on the right path where I feel like I kind of veered from a few years ago. I have some of my closest friends to thank for that. I believe in myself because of the abilities I have been given, because of my purpose. I am now focused on living right and more to make a difference in people than anything else.

The transformation in my confidence in my body my body physically has improved as well, which is something I can honestly say has not been the case in years past. I had struggled for years with this issue and the issue of food… but thats for another day and if you are saying thats crazy please go back and read my blog  | Eating Disorders and Coming Clean |  because its the truth. I can honestly really say I have found a balance which has led me to want to really promote that within others, and I am happy.


I still have a long way to go, but I am hopeful. Everyday is a new chance and seeing a new year is truly a blessing. Of course there are many things I wish I could change, or were different as do most, but I know that my life isn’t my plan. I am just trying to do my best at what I have been given. Going in each day focusing on what I should be and hopefully succeeding with the goals I have set for myself and to impact someone in a positive way each and every day no matter big or small.

When you stop and look at the good and the bad of everything it really is all relative. Everything really DOES happen for a reason, and knowing so makes life a lot easier no matter the circumstance. So are you with me to go into this new year with a new mentality not to set unrealistic resolutions but to appreciate what you do have, what you can do with it and really just push yourself each day to be better and see where you can go. Take the mindset that if something bad happens it is happening for you, versus to you, even if you can’t understand the why right now. I hope you will.

With all that said have a safe and happy new year and I will be seeing you in 2016! Who is ready !??!

C 🙂

Why you are not losing….

So youre not losing weight…..

You have been working out, trying to eat the healthiest possible…. yet the scale is now immobile and you’re starting to doubt your efforts. If you should even keep going or even trying.

If that sounds like you I promise you are not alone. There a multiple reasons that could be holding you back. Ive compiled a list for you to see if any possibly could be the reasons for your slower progress. Of course always check with your medical provider as well if you think there could be something more. I am no doctor ;).

Big Reasons That Could Be Hindering Your Weight Loss:

  • Not eating enough or the right stuff
    • When you are trying to lose weight, you need a combination of both the right nutrition AND exercise. You HAVE to eat. Fad diets where you simply cut out entire food groups, or starve yourself for a lack of better words do NOT work. Why? Because you will gain it all right back as soon as you stop with the diet. Lifestyle changes are key, and with that comes learning how to eat the right stuff. Not all at once and not 24/7 either.
    • Your body needs the right combination of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats to make up your calories each day and to function at full potential. This also ends up aiding in your metabolism working correctly. Depending on your body, your workout routine, and your goals everyones macronutrient (protein, carbs, fats) needs are different. Work with someone who can help you determine what you specifically need or do the research yourself.
  • Not enough protein
    • No you don’t have to eat meat 24 hours a day but you do need to up your protein consumption. Why? Because protein helps repair and build muscle, and muscle burns fat…. when you are not working out! That post workout fat burning process that occurs is aided by muscle. But muscle (LEAN muscle) has to be built. Aim to get .75- 1g of protein/ per pound of your bodyweight a day. If you divide it up I promise it is not hard to do! Great sources are grilled chicken, eggs, lean ground turkey and beef. Protein shakes are good alternatives too. I would stay away from most protein bars because they do tend to be more like glorified candy bars nutrition wise.
  • You don’t drink enough water
    • Our bodies need water! Did you know our bodies are made up of about 60% water? We have to maintain a certain amount to keep our bodies functioning properly. All of our bodily systems depend on it. We lose water through sweat, urination, exercise and certain illnesses. That is why it is imperative to stay hydrated. Think about it, if you are working out chances are you are sweating a good bit. If you don’t stay hydrated your digestion system is not going to work as efficiently, this can lead to bloating and storing excess fat that isn’t processed. Aim to drink 2-3 liters a day. I always keep 1 Liter bottles on hand and refill them a few times a day to ensure I am getting enough. Stay Hydrated!! If you hate water you can always add ID Life Hydrate 🙂
      • IMG_3228
  • You eat while watching tv
    • Now I am not saying you cannot eat why you watch tv but if you have a bag of chips for example in your lap while you watch… next thing you know the bag is gone. Mindless eating occurs. The key— portion stuff out. Also it is proven when you pay attention to what you are eating you eat less. Be mindful of it and don’t just eat mindlessly.
  • Too much cardio and not enough lifting/ resistance training
    • You HAVE to Build muscle. Yes ladies I am talking to you. You WILL NOT get bulky. Granted we all have different body types so some will require more heavy weight to get results than others. Case in point— ME. I am an ectomorph, I do NOT gain muscle as easily as some. Those legs in the picture below for example press about 400-500 lbs weekly…. and maybe its just me but I don’t think they look manly…
    • 12360231_10103659194511935_2005558463422217147_n
    • Again I can’t stress enough to find someone who can help you determine the best path for you. If you are in Atlanta or would like to work with me remotely of course I would love to help! If not, please speak with someone close to you who does understand this! It will take a lot of stress out of your journey if you work with someone.
  • You cheat too hard on the weekend
  • IMG_0802
    • Binge eating. You stick to your nutrition plan or whatever you are working with ALL week so why not be able to eat whatever you want on the weekends? Well for starters eating TOO much bad stuff for an extended period will only derail your progress. Add in sugary foods and processed stuff to the mix and it will cause your brain to think you need that stuff. You will be more likely to crave the stuff as you try to get back on track at the beginning of the week. This will only create more challenges. Especially in the beginning of a lifestyle change – try your best to stay on track for the most part and if you want a cookie, eat A cookie, or have A slice of pizza but NOT the entire thing.
  • You think because you’re working out you can eat more

    • Yes you may be burning more calories but that does not mean you can go eat an entire pizza multiple times a week. Moderation is key. Stick to the 80/20 rule. Stick to your healthy foods and good choices 80% of the time and that allows for splurges here and there.
  • You go after fat free foods
    • These are normally filled with sugar to suffice. Sugar especially added sugars is a no no when you are trying to lose weight. You can read more about that here.
    • Diet-2-008
  • You drink too much
    • Yeah….. Alcohol is absorbed by the body as “empty calories”. With that being said your body uses it before anything else you have already eaten (healthy or not) for fuel. This causes a back up of the already stored food and if not used…. gets stored as fat. Double that with the temptation to eat bad stuff after a night of drinking and thats even more possibility to gain. It also leads to dehydration too… another road block. Stick to moderate drinking and you should be ok :).


Slap in the face……

Current situation…… Me, on the couch, ice pack on my shoulder, mad at myself for letting my shoulder get this bad. I’m also contemplating how exactly 1) my claustrophobic self is going to survive being put in a small space for an decent amount of time later this week without taking a large amount of medicine to calm myself…. or wine, lots of it… 2) Who is going to hold me down as they try to inject some junk in my shoulder before hand… I have had an MRI before of my head, and it was an “open” MRI…. (my a**), there was still stuff on all sides of me and I freaked out, this should be fun.


As I am sitting here thinking all this, I also suddenly get a slap in the face thought of, “SHUT UP you still have your arm, you still have your health, you can walk, you just included in your weekly newsletter how working out is a blessing, AND you talked with one of your clients today about this very thing….” Ugh hi reality check.

Disclaimer **** This isn’t a normal fitness post, so if you are expecting that you’ll be disappointed, but if you are going to let that disappoint you then you should definitely keep reading.

I am human, I have good days and bad days. We all do! We each have issues we are going to face in life. It can get frustrating at times because it can feel like one thing after another. You think you are on the up…. and then you only get knocked down again. At earlier times in my life I would let these times get the best of me for way too long, then luckily I found new perspective. Now I typically catch myself when these things happen and attempt to look at them differently (key word attempt). I am now thankful for times like these even if I can’t see the reason right then and there. Yes I said thankful and I will tell you why…

First off like I said my perspective has changed. I relate it to my faith, but it can also just be from following people who look at things with a glass half full mentality. I have also surrounded myself with these type of people, and I promise not having negative Nancys in your life make a BIG difference! I then start to think back of all things that were “bad” in my past and how they helped me in some way. I try to actually write these things down when I think of them so I can actually look at them when frustrating times come. To be real the past month or so has definitely been on the down…. things I thought were going to come to pass didn’t or got put on the back burner and in turn have made me work on that whole patience thing I am not good at. Good news is I can sense and know it is about to change (perspective), and I know months like that are part of life!

I know this because I can look at my past with things like:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis —– lead me to my career I have now.
  • Certain breakups —– saved me from settling. Opened my eyes to things I may need to change as well as red flags in new relationships.
  • Eating disorder ——- my love for nutrition and helping others with it.
  • Lonely nights—- Found faith in God.

I could keep going but you see what I mean. I consider all of those and many more to be blessings in disguise! Those things all lead to building me, to preparing me for good later down the road. Right now I know no matter if I have to have surgery, or not I will NEVER wait this long to go see a doctor as they predict it just made it that much worse. (I may or may not have been having pain in June….. It is almost November, trainer fail for sure).


My reason for sharing all of this, is because I want you to realize life is never going to be perfect. We really need to try to appreciate each day as everything could change in a blink of an eye. I say all the time I am by NO MEANS perfect but I have the mentality now that I have to be thankful everyday for the good AND bad stuff life throws me. Some days are and will be harder than others but I know my attitude and my future depend on me making the best of each of them. Presently my shoulder may suck, but I have the ability to get it fixed if I have to, I have a car to take me there, friends and family to help me, and I have a job that allows me to afford health insurance… on my own :/. But regardless all these things are small but they make me appreciate the big (life).

So no matter what you may be going through you are not alone, we all have our own struggles in our lives. They may be different but that doesn’t discredit them from being hard. It is up to us alone to find the positive in each though, find the silver lining. If we can do that most days, life will be more about whats happening FOR us than TO us…. and we will be better people because of it.

C 🙂

Happiness Is…..

My pastor Andy Stanley just wrapped a great series about Happiness. I know I am SUPER guilty of always looking into the future in a way of thinking, “when this happens things will be better, or when that happens”, etc. Who else thinks like that often? I am sure many of us do.

One of the main points Andy made today was how helping others is the key to happiness, not money, not achieving some goal, but simply giving away your time. There is research to prove it as well apparently, decreased anxiety, increased immune function, patience, overall well being, I could go on and on.

Being someone who works with individuals to reach goals like weight loss I see a lot of people who get frustrated. They get so focused on the goal they will lose sight of everything else they already do have. Pushing other things away (like family, friends and other activities that used to make them happy) out of fear that it will jeopardize their progress. This right here is a one way ticket to failure…. why? Of course being focused on your goals is GREAT but you CANNOT make it your life. If you do you will NEVER EVER be satisfied.

Now you may be thinking, but you say all the time to work hard toward goals, and no excuses, etc. And yes you are right as I do say that, but it does NOT mean the healthy things you already have in your life need to be put on the back burner.

My point in all of this, if you are trying to gain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, improve nutrition, your physique, etc you need to be sure as you are doing all the right things you are also not becoming so self involved you change mentally in a bad way. It is fantastic you are taking the initiative to be better, but you need to work on being better not only physically but mentally as well. THAT will entail you still being there for others, and seeing other things in life besides your goal. Make sure you are still making time for those you love, your church if you attend one, your friends and other things you enjoy too.

Happiness isn’t a “once I get there” type of thing, its an everyday thing, an everyday thing you have to choose. So choose how you live, how you approach and go after your goals wisely. 🙂